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Super Excellence ~

[by invitation only - junior membership required]

The Hinsdale Racquet Club is home to one of the most competitive junior programs in the Nation.  Our program is designed for group players of the same age and skill levels, and is directed by HRC's Head Pro, Dali Mihajlovic.  All levels of the program are structured to help a player achieve their goals: whether it be playing on the Pro Tour or receiving a Division 1 NCAA scholarship.

Super Excellence Programs will cover all aspects of a tennis player: technique, endurance, competition, performance, fitness and mental conditioning.

The key components of our successful program are central to many different adademies around the world.

Weekly Theme

Students focus each week on a specific theme which can include strokes such as groundstrokes, net play, and serving, along with concepts such as quickness on the court, mental toughness, depth and consistency.  Students will be grouped based on ability and work on drills, point and match play, all focused on the central theme for the week.


Students work with the same core group of coaches every day during each session.  Coaches will track student progress and focus on improving all aspects of their game with consistency.

Player Accountability

The HRC Super Excellence Programs provide students with a great oppurtunity to take their game to the next level, but it will be up to them to reach their potential.  Starting with their performance profile, students must be constantly setting goals for themselves and focusing on achieving thsoe goals.  Additional tools such as match evaluations and mental skills training will help players become tougher competitors.

We offer three different classes based on the level and age of our juniors.

If you would like more information about Super Excellence classes and how to enroll,

please contact Dali by email. [dali.hrctennis@gmail.com]